One Word Substitution

Adv. Madhu Bala

  1. Abdication:- Voluntary renouncing throne.
  2. Acrolect:- A variety of languages closest to a standard main language.
  3. Accessible:- Which can be approached.
  4. Aggressor:- One who attacks first.
  5.  Alimony:- Allowance paid to wife on legal separation.
  6. Ambassador:- Person representing a state in a foreign country.
  7. Bankrupt:- One who can't pay debt.
  8. Bigamy:- Have two Husband or two Wives at a time
  9. Brittle:- Which can be easily broken.
  10. Bureaucracy:- Government run by officials.
  11. Calligraphy:-The art of beautiful handwriting.
  12. Centrifugal:- Anything tending to move away from the center.
  13. Colleagues:- Person working in the same office.
  14. Credulous:- Who easily believes others.
  15. Deaf:- One who cannot hear.
  16. Democracy:- Government of the people for the people by the people.
  17. Dilogy:- An ambiguous speech.
  18. Divisible:- That which can be divided.
  19. Edible:- A thing fit to eat.
  20. Eligible:- One who is fit for the post.
  21. Emigrant:- One who goes to live in a foreign country.
  22. Employee:- One who is employed.
  23. Epic:- A long narrative poem.
  24. Epanorthosis:- Immediate rephrasing for emphasis, intensification, or justification.
  25. Etymology:- Study of word
  26. Fastidious:- Having very selective taste, Hard to please.
  27. Fatalist:- One who Believes in fate.
  28. Foster Child:- Child brought by persons, who are not his parents.
  29. Franchise:- Constitutional right to cast a vote.
  30. Germicide:- Which destroys germs.
  31. Glutton:- fond of overeating.
  32. Gratis:- Without any payment.
  33. Gregarious:- Animals live in flocks.
  34. Hearse:- Vehicle to carry dead bodies.
  35. Homicide:- Murder of a human being.
  36. Homogeneous:- Things of the same nature.
  37. Honorary:- A post without any remuneration.
  38. Hydrophobia:- A fear of water.
  39. Hypothesis:- A tentative assumption.
  40. Ignorant:- Person has no knowledge of what is happening
  41. Illegal:- Unlawful
  42. Illegible:- Which cannot be read.
  43. Illiterate:- One who can neither read nor write.
  44. Immigrant:- A person from another country comes to our country to settle.
  45. Incredible:- Which can't be believed.
  46. Kindergarten:- A school for small children.
  47. Kleptomania:- An abnormal desire to steal.
  48. Linguist:- One who knows many languages.
  49. Loquacious:- A continuous talker.
  50. Lunar:- Eclipse of the moon.

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