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Adv. Madhu Bala


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  1. Joy:- Delight, Pleasure, Ecstasy 

  2. Knave:- Fraud, Cheat, Scoundrel, Rough

  3. Liberal:- Generous, Kind, Tolerant, Permissive

  4. Llenient:- Forbearing, Forgiving, Compassionate, Mild

  5. Lively:- Active, Agile, Brisk, Enthusiastic

  6. Meager:- Small, Tiny, Inadequate Scanty

  7. Mean:- Low, Petty Abject Selfish

  8. Mighty:- Powerful, Massive, Strong, Almighty

  9. Malice:- Bitterness,  Spite, Ill Will, Rancour, Malevolence

  10. Magnificent:- Splendid, Grand, Good, Glorious 

  11. Notorious:- Infamous, Dishonourable, Flagrant, Blatant

  12. Notable:- Memorable, Remarkable, Renowned, Eminent

  13. Obsolete:-  Antiquated,  Old-Fashioned, Outworn

  14. Obtrude:-Pressure, Thrust, Importunate, Interfere

  15. Opportune:- Timely, Convenient, Appropriate, Well-Chosen

  16. Pensive:-  Thoughtful, Rational, Contemplative, Reflective

  17. Pious:- Religious, Holy, Devout, God-Fearing

  18. Portray:- Delineate, Depict, Draw, Sketch

  19. Prodigal:- Extravagant, Wasteful, Spendthrift

  20. Precocious:- Premature,  Forward, Advanced, Developed

  21. Philanthropist:- Altruist, Charitable, Benevolent, Kind

  22. Prerogative:- Privilege, Advantage, Exemption, Right

  23. Prohibit:- Forbid, Hinder, Prevent, Ban

  24. Pillage:- Plunder, Loot, Rob, Destroy, Steel

  25. Quarantined:- Separated, Isolated, Restrained

  26. Questionable:-  Doubtful, Disputable, Accountable, Objectionable

  27. Quick:- Alive, Swift, Keen, Fast

  28. Radiant:- Brilliant, Bright, Intelligent, Beaming

  29. Refined:- Elegant, Polished, Cultured, Sophisticated

  30. Reiterate:- Repeat, Do It Again, Rewrite, Emphasis

  31. Rejoice:-  Delight, Happy, Glad

  32.  Relevant:-  Execute, Applicable, Pertinent, Implement

  33. Ruin:- Destruction, Downfall, Devastation

  34. Rash:-  Hasty, Full Hardy, Impulsive, Heedless, Careless

  35. Ruin:- Downfall, Destruction

  36. Rural:- Rustic, Suburban, Agrarian 

  37. Ridiculous:- Absurd, Silly, Comical, Ludicrous

  38. Radical:- Fundamental, Native, Original, Extreme

  39. Scared:- Holy Blessed, Divine, Consecrated

  40. Statute:- Law, Decree, Edict, Rule, Act, Bill

  41. Stipulation:- Condition, Qualification, Requirement

  42. Substantiate;- Confirm, Verify, Corroborate, Attest

  43. Servile:- Timid, Docile, Mean, Slavish

  44. Spurious:- Fake, Counterfeit, False

  45. Synonymous:- Identical, Equivalent, Alike, Similar

  46. Tenet:- Belief, Conviction, Dogma, Doctrine

  47. Therapeutics:- Curative, Restorative, Recuperative

  48. Temperate:- Moderate, Balanced, Controlled, Sensible

  49. Tentative:- Temporary, Brief, Transitory

  50. Urbane:- Sophisticated, Suave, Polite, Refined

  51. Unique:- Single, Peerless, Unusual, Exceptional, Unparalleled

  52. Vigilance:- Watchfulness, Alertness, Caution

  53. Veracity:- Truth, Honesty, Accuracy, Exactness

  54. Vivacious:- Vibrant, Spirited, Energetic

  55. Wistful:- Melancholy, Sentimental, Plaintive

  56. Waive:- Forgo, Relinquish, Defar, Renounce

  57. Yield:- Surrender, Submit, Admit, Agree

  58. Yearn:- Crave, Desire, Aspire, Urge

  59. Zeal:- Zeast, Passion, Enthusiasm, Tempo

  60. Zenith:- Peak, Apex, Summit, Acme 


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