Synonyms [ D to I ]

Adv. Madhu Bala


Synonyms [ A to C ]

Synonyms [ D to I ]

  1. Damage:- loss, harm, injury, detriment

  2. Decay:- fade, rust, decline, wither

  3. Destitute:-needy, forsaken, orphan

  4. Didactic:- teaching, instructive, perfecting

  5. Denounce:- accuse, condemn, decry, Censure

  6. Divine:- heavenly, graceful, Godlike, celestial

  7. Dangerous:- risky, hazardous, precarious, perilous

  8. Dear:- expensive, costly, loved by or important to somebody

  9. Definitive:- limiting, final, positive

  10. Desultory:- discontinuous, irregular, rambling

  11. Diffident:- modest, bashful, shy

  12. Discourse:- lecture, sermon, exhortation, dissertation

  13. Dissipate:- scatter, waste

  14. Economy:- management, frugality, prudent, expenditure, thrifty

  15. Effete:- old, worn out, tired, exhausted

  16. Elicit:- draw out, Discover

  17. Elude:- baffle, avoid, cheat, fool

  18. Emancipate:- free, liberate, release, deliver, uplift

  19. Emulate:- imitate, rival

  20. Entice:- persuade, allure, entrap

  21. Extravagant:- wasteful, prodigal

  22. Exquisite:- elegant, fine, matchless, exclusive

  23. Exceptional:- anomalous, unique, extraordinary

  24. Exterminate:- uproot, eradicate, eliminate, destroy 

  25. Exacerbate:- magnify, heighten, enlarge, overstate. Amplify

  26. Exigency:- emergency, distress

  27. Fascinate:- charm, mesmerize, enchant, bewitch

  28. Fastidious:- Dainty, squeamish, Hard to please

  29. Fatuous:- silly, purposeless

  30. Fecund:- Prolific, fertile, fruitful, productive, luxuriant

  31. Fictitious:- Falls, imaginative, illusionary, fabricated, fanciful

  32. Flagrant:- notorious, disgraceful, outrageous

  33. Fortuitous:- chance, accidental

  34. Forbid:- prohibit, preclude, inhibit, debar

  35. Fatal:- deadly, mortal, Lethal, virulent

  36. Guile:- fraud, trickery, cunning

  37. Gratification:- Satisfaction, Enjoyment

  38. Garrulous:- talkative, loquacious

  39. Humane:- kind, generous, benevolent, compassionate

  40. Haughty:- arrogant, proud, egoist, obstinate

  41. Humility:- politeness, weakness, modesty

  42. Illiterate:- ignorant, uneducated, unlearned

  43. Impotent:- powerless, disabled, inadequate, incapable

  44. Immaterial:- unimportant, insignificant, useless, irrelevant

  45. Imminent:- threatening, impending, approaching

  46. Irresolute:- undecided, wavering, vacillating, unsettled

  47. Inanimate:- lifeless, dead, dormant, stagnant

  48. Ingenuous:- artless, sincere naive, innocent

  49. Inexorable:- relentless, merciless, apathetic, Harsh

  50. Impertinent, irrelevant, impudent, insolent, saucy 

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