Important Latin Maxims for RJS

Adv. Madhu Bala


  1. Bail [जमानत] Temporary release from imprisonment on furnishing surety or security to appear for trial.

  2. Habeas Corpus [बंदी प्रत्यक्षीकरण] A writ to a Jailor to produce a prisoner in person before the court and to state the reasons for detention.

  3.  Bigamy : Entering into a marriage with one person while still legally married to another. Having two wives or husbands at once

  4. Ab initio :  from the beginning.

  5.  Alibi : A plea by a person accused of an offence that he was elsewhere, plea of being elsewhere

  6. Ubi Jus ibi remedium : जहां अधिकार है, वहां उपचार भी है Where there is a right there is a remedy 

  7.  Adjudication : The action of adjudicating

  8.  Eviction :   Ejection 

  9. Exhibit : Anything exhibited,any document produced during a judicial proceeding to form part of the court record for arriving at a decision.

  10. Prosecution :  The institution and carrying on of the legal proceedings against a person ; The party by whom criminal proceeding are instituted and conducted, the act of prosecuting in any sense,

  11. Intestate : Not having made a will before death occurs. 

    1. Nullity :- अकृतता

    2. Deterrtent Punishment :- भयानक दण्ड

    3. Per capita :- प्रति वयक्ति, By heads, individually

    4. Factum Valet :- Where a fact is accomplished or where the act is done and completed, though in contravention of the directory provisions, the fact will stand and the act shell be deemed to be legal and binding. But where the provisions are mandatory, the principle does not apply.

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